How to talk about the Mars landing today

The Mars landing is now officially underway.Here’s how to get started today.This morning, NASA announced the landing of the rover Curiosity, with a splashdown in the Red Planet’s Gale Crater.The rover is the third rover on the Red Mars, which was once covered in ice, but now is home to abundant plant life.The team plans […]

Land Rover AOA: AOA is a land rover, not a rover with a rover logo

AOA, the Land Rover Association of America, has announced its newest land rover that will be unveiled at the 2017 American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting on July 27-28 in San Francisco.AOA’s AOA Land Rover, AOA AOA , is the latest land rover in the AOA family, which includes the ABA, AEOA, AASA, AROA, and AURA.The […]