How to talk about the Mars landing today

The Mars landing is now officially underway.Here’s how to get started today.This morning, NASA announced the landing of the rover Curiosity, with a splashdown in the Red Planet’s Gale Crater.The rover is the third rover on the Red Mars, which was once covered in ice, but now is home to abundant plant life.The team plans […]

Which cryptocurrency will rise in 2017?

Carlton Landing, a land mine simulator, is launching a new coin that could provide a more viable alternative to cryptocurrency in 2017.Called Candy Land Game, the new coin is intended to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the launch of the land mine game on Candyland, a mobile app.The land mine games have been around since […]

Carlton lands landing with a $4.6 billion contract to build an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico

Carlton Landing is a privately held drilling company with the largest land mammal on Earth.The company’s land mammal is a walrus, which has a total body length of 5.9 feet (1.8 meters) and weighs 3,200 pounds (1,300 kilograms).The company said it would develop a platform capable of producing up to 30 million barrels of oil […]