Charles Towne Landing landing lander, ‘an old-fashioned craft’

In this March 3, 2021, file photo, a lander is deployed from a launch pad at the Charles Townee Landing Complex, the first launch site of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.SpaceX is working on a landing attempt for a landers from a future Falcon 9 mission that is […]

How to save money with your car and land turtle

A land turtle is just what you might think of: it’s a small, colorful turtle that’s designed to help people in distress when they are stranded.Land turtles are among a handful of animals that can be found in the United States, Canada and other countries.Land turtle shelters can be a lifesaver for the animals, according […]

What are the most spectacular and mysterious creatures in the world?

There’s nothing quite like a glimpse into the worlds most enigmatic creatures, from the fearsome carnivorous marsupials to the wondrous, but seemingly unassuming amphibians.Here are our 10 most spectacular, mysterious and mysterious animals.1.The Blue-footed Man From the time of the dinosaurs, humans have been fascinated by the elusive blue-footed man.Its been thought that the creature […]

How to find your way home from a fast-moving airport landing

Landing at the National Airport in Portland, Oregon, is a sight that will make you wish you were still alive.On Sunday, October 11, the United Airlines Flight 17 crashed into the ground in a field, killing all 298 people aboard.The aircraft was shot down by a missile from a Syrian regime air force that was […]

Why you should never miss the launch of the new Land Rover 3

The first time you saw the Land Rover Evoque in action you probably didn’t even notice it had an onboard laser scanner.Its predecessor had a pair of laser sensors, one for its navigation systems and the other for the onboard cameras and infrared sensors.In the Land rover lor3, that laser sensor is gone.Land Rover’s new […]