How to get your hands on the hottest and best games from the new year

In the years to come, we’ll have a few different games vying for your attention and your wallets.

The year’s biggest titles will be here soon, and we’ve put together a rundown of some of the best games to keep an eye out for.

There’s something about the new Year of the Monkey that we’ll be getting the most out of in 2017.

The game, set to launch next week, has a unique premise.

A monkey has become a man with a body, but can it be a happy man?

This is a new frontier, and the Monkey King must find a way to balance both his monkey side and his human side.

It’ll also be a game where you can play a monkey for a whole day, and that’s a lot of monkey parts to play with.

The Monkey King’s story will be told through a mix of animated short and animated short stories, and there will be a lot more of those to come.

The Monkey King: Tropical Freeze is a 2D platformer where you guide the Monkey and his companions through the tropical jungle, exploring a tropical land filled with colourful trees, colourful animals and the sounds of thunder.

It’s a little like an Animal Crossing meets Sonic Boom game, but it’s set in the same universe, so you’ll have the same kind of adventures you’d expect from Sonic Boom.

It’s the kind of game that’s hard to tell whether it’s a good fit for your current console or not.

It is, but with the addition of the voice-overs, and an excellent art style from a couple of other great creators, it’s really worth checking out.

There are two main ways to play the game: in co-op mode or solo.

In co-operating with a friend, you can explore the jungle and fight your way through the jungle, or you can tackle each stage individually.

The more you play, the more you’ll unlock new masks, items and powers, and you’ll eventually unlock more weapons.

Each stage is divided into four areas, so it’s an exciting way to play.

Each level will have an objective that needs to be completed in order to progress through the game, and completing the objective will unlock new stages.

You’ll also earn money by completing objectives and killing enemies.

This is great for unlocking more masks, but also unlocks weapons that will help you in the jungle.

The story in this game takes place on the island of El Nido, which is the main island of the game.

It seems like it was designed with players in mind.

It has a huge number of trees, lots of jungle, lots and lots of things to do.

There’s even a volcano that you can climb to.

El Nino is a tropical island, and El Nio is a volcano.

You can find El Nito in the middle of a tropical forest and it’s where the game’s main storyline takes place.

The game has a lot going on, but what I love about it is how it’s structured.

You control a monkey that’s called Monkey, and his main goal is to rescue the island.

There are also a couple other monkeys called the Frogs and a couple more monkeys called Monkey’s Sisters.

Each monkey has their own goals, and when you complete objectives and kill enemies, the Monkey’s Sister will give you power-ups.

The way the story plays out is interesting, but there are a couple problems with the story.

The main problem is that you start the game with no memories, so there’s no reason to care about what happens next.

The other problem is the way the game has been designed.

The island is only accessible through an underwater passage, and Monkey is only playable through a waterfall.

So if you’re in a hurry, the game will have a big time crunch.

This problem has been fixed in the latest update, which has some new and improved mechanics, but unfortunately it’s still a bit rough around the edges.

There is also no voice-over narration, and it still feels like a first-person game.

But the developers at Polygon are working on a solution to this problem, and if they can get it right, the rest of the story will look pretty awesome.

Here’s a video showing off some of what’s new and different about this new game:This is a game that really makes you want to explore the tropical forest.

The trees and plants are so colourful and varied, and with so much to see you’ll need to explore every inch of the jungle to discover what it’s like.

The environments are lush and colorful, and every square metre of the forest is packed with colourful creatures to battle.

The music and sound effects are great, and while you might not find yourself playing it for hours, it will keep you playing for days.

The first time you play this game, you’ll want to play on easy mode, which allows you to see the forest, explore the island, fight your enemies, and complete

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