Which land in Zimbabwe has the highest rate of land seizure?

The most expensive land in the world was a $15 million property in Gedo, the capital of Harare state, Zimbabwe’s second largest city, according to the World Bank.

In the same month, a $1.5 million property on a rural estate in Gombe was seized by the police.

The property is owned by an NGO and was in the process of being rezoned.

In February, the land in Gemo was seized again by police, this time by a group of villagers.

They seized a second $2 million property, this one in the same area, and were preparing to sell it for $5 million, according the Guardian.

The land in KwaZulu-Natal, the second-most populous province in the country, is a $4.5-million property, according a report by the Zimbabwe Institute of Agricultural Economics. 

It’s a bit hard to say how much land is owned in the province, but the report did list some properties that were either seized or are currently being rezoned as part of a plan to redevelop the area.

In 2016, Zimbabwean officials announced that land was being rezoneed from a residential property to commercial and industrial properties.

This meant the new buildings would be constructed in the middle of existing buildings and could include more apartments, office space and offices.

In some cases, the government is also using the land to develop the land itself, according Zimbio.

In addition, Zimbion told the Associated Press in May that land in Harare province is being reoccupied to make way for a new shopping mall.

The mall will be built on reclaimed land, which is the property of an international company and will include a hotel, retail stores and restaurants.

Zimbabwe’s land seizures have been escalating over the past two years, with the number of seizures up by more than 10 percent in the past year, according an official report by The Guardian.

“The increase is not a reflection of economic difficulties but the continuing political and political instability,” the report said.

It noted that the government has “repeatedly” sought to seize properties in the state, including large tracts of land near Harare city center.

In a statement, the Zimbabwe Association of Developers (ZAID) called for “maximum peaceful resolution” to the land seizures, saying that the “situation in Zimbabwe is unsustainable, dangerous and unjustifiable.”

The land seizures are not just confined to Harare, according in Zimbiodepo.

“In some areas, there are also reports of property seizures that have been happening on farmland and in forest,” the Zimbione told the AP.

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