MTG: Land Prices Rise to $1,200 per Ticker in Week 5

MTG has risen a whopping $1.24, the highest price per TICK in the first week of trading.

The cryptocurrency’s rise is the largest in a month and comes after the company said its trading volumes are expected to reach $10 billion this year.

MTG shares are trading above $100 per coin on Tuesday.

The price has surged more than $200 per coin in the past week.

MTGOX has gained more than 5 percent in just two days.

Bitcoin is down more than 4 percent in the same timeframe.

The move was first spotted by Bloomberg, which reported that the Bitcoin exchange rate was $1 per coin, and then later confirmed by a trader.

MTTCX and MTGOYX traded as well on Tuesday, and MTTC is down 4 percent.

MTKTCX is also up 1.7 percent in three days.

MTGSX is up 1 percent.

The Bitcoin price is at a four-year low, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

MTGLX is down 5.3 percent in one day.

MTOGX is trading at a one-month high of $2,400, according of CoinMarketPiece.

MTGCX is currently trading at $2.99, the lowest price in four days.

The next Bitcoin price drop will be on Wednesday, when it is expected to fall back to $2 per coin.