How to talk about the Mars landing today

The Mars landing is now officially underway.

Here’s how to get started today.

This morning, NASA announced the landing of the rover Curiosity, with a splashdown in the Red Planet’s Gale Crater.

The rover is the third rover on the Red Mars, which was once covered in ice, but now is home to abundant plant life.

The team plans to study the terrain for clues to how water once flowed on the surface.

NASA also announced that the landing is part of the agency’s ongoing Mars Exploration Program, and that scientists will be gathering samples and taking photos from the landing site.

The landing site was originally expected to be a lakebed, but the lakebed has now been filled with sand, leaving only the bedrock.

“As the rover landed on the crater rim, the rover and its payload touched down on a wet surface, and the rover is still dry on the ground,” NASA said in a statement.

Mars exploration is the first step in a journey to Mars that will involve landing on the planet’s surface, studying the terrain, and sending humans there.

NASA has already spent $1.8 billion to land humans on Mars, with NASA saying that a total of $5.7 billion of that will be used to send samples to the International Space Station.

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