What did the moon landings say about our civilization?

The Chinese government and the country’s elite have long sought to erase the idea that humanity was ever on the moon.

Now, the government says it has found a way to do so, with the help of the Russian company Roscosmos.

But, what exactly is it the Chinese government wants to do with Roscosms lunar mission?

Here are the basics of the Roscosm mission:The Roscosmun mission is a Russian-built lunar landing vehicle, which will bring humans to the moon in 2021.

But the mission itself is not just about bringing humans back to the surface of the moon; it also has some pretty big implications for the future of humanity.

First, it will be the first time a human will actually go back to space from Earth.

But that’s not all: It also will bring a new way of thinking about space travel, and possibly new ways of thinking of space itself.

The mission will involve a series of experiments.

The first one is called the “satellites on the surface.”

The mission will send a series, or cubesats, of satellites to the Moon and back.

The mission is not a launch, and its duration is only about 30 days.

The spacecraft will send three probes to the Lunar Plateau, which is just a few hundred kilometers from the Moon.

Each of the three probes will have its own cameras to record the images and video of the Moon, and the spacecrafts cameras will then be put into orbit around the Moon to get a better view of the surface.

In total, three satellites will be sent to the lunar surface.

One of the satellites, named NRO (Nuclear Research and Production Organization) A1, will land on the Moon in 2020.

The satellite is named after the Russian state nuclear corporation, which also has a moon mission.

The spacecrafts purpose is to test the materials for use in the Moon’s future infrastructure.

The second satellite, called NRO A2, will also land on Earth.

The second mission is called NREO (Norean Resource Exploration and Production Office).

Its mission is to help with the development of a lunar base for the U.S. government, and it will take photos and videos of the lunar landscape and the lunar rover.

The third satellite, NRO B2, is going to the other side of the planet.

The NRO satellites will perform the same mission as the NRO missions A1 and A2.

Its mission, though, is a little different.

It will be a mission to get to Mars, but it will also go to the asteroid belt.

The purpose of the asteroid mission is more scientific, and this mission is the first of the new moon missions.

The final mission is going after the moon itself.

The fourth mission is being named Luna 1.

It is a lunar rover that will bring back samples to Earth.

So far, Luna 1 has been launched on a Falcon 9 rocket, and has been in orbit for around four months.

Luna 1 is the second launch of a rover to the International Space Station, following the launch of the Curiosity rover in December 2013.

The Roskosmos mission is about a few thousand kilometers (about 1,000 miles) from the lunar border, and so it is very small.

That means that the payloads are mostly empty, so the mission will probably be relatively low-cost, and also very low-profile.

The Lunar missions have two main goals.

First, to gather data on the lunar environment, and second, to explore the Moon with a robotic rover.

The rover will also look for signs of life.

So, what do these missions accomplish?

Well, they can reveal some things about the lunar atmosphere.

For example, what kind of oxygen is there on the ground?

And they can also learn how much radiation there is on the Earth.

But they also have some practical applications, too.

For instance, they will provide some information about the Moon surface in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

For one thing, if you could take a rover on a mission that was to investigate the lunar poles, it would be a good idea to have a rover there to learn more about the poles.

For another, the missions will help us understand what the lunar ice is like, as well as what the climate of the area is like.

These missions could provide some insights into the lunar history and geography, as it is one of the best places in the solar system for studying our planet’s past.

But they also provide us with a great opportunity to understand the lunar ecosystem, and how it could have evolved over the course of time.

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