New NASA landing landing videos show a false moon landing

The New York Times has published new videos of a fake moon landing that were recorded by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter during its mission to the Moon.

The video footage, published on The Verge’s website on Friday, shows an astronaut’s landing on the moon with the spacecraft in its path.

“It looks like they were looking for the moon, which is why the landing is so interesting,” said Robert Laughlin, a Lunar Recruiting Organization scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

“They’re not actually landing on it.”

The videos show that when the astronauts landed on the Moon in the early 1970s, they were able to pick up some data from the lunar surface without the spacecraft touching down on the surface.

“The first time that anyone has landed on Mars, it’s been done on Mars,” Laughlin said.

“In the ’70s, the moon was a little bit larger than it is today, so they could just grab it.

The problem is that we’re now on Mars.

So, we have to land on Mars.”

The mission that was faked The video shows astronauts from the NASA Langley Research Center landing on Mars on May 24, 1971, but NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Spacecraft was unable to collect the required data during the mission.

The spacecraft was able to capture video of the landing, but a “flip camera” was used to create the fake landing footage.

“We were able just to make it look like the landing happened,” Laugleson said.

In the fake video, the spacecraft lands on Mars’ surface and an astronaut jumps out of the spacecraft to the left.

He then lands on the rover, which had been parked in the exact spot that it had been set for the landing.

NASA said that while the fake footage was created to be a “stunt” to get people to believe that they had landed on a new planet, it was not a fake landing at all.

The fake landing was filmed and uploaded to YouTube on May 30, 2015.

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