Why you should visit NASA’s Lands End Trail

Natalie Lander is the head of the NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute’s Lands and Environment Program and she’s one of the best-known people in the world for her work on the Moon.

She’s been the subject of countless articles, books, and TV shows.

Now, she’s got another amazing project on her hands: bringing us a trip down to the Moon in the fall.

We caught up with Lander about her new Mars rover, the future of exploration on Mars, and more.

When did you start dreaming of the idea of bringing a Mars rover back to Earth?

It was a very difficult time.

It was a real struggle to find funding for the project.

At the time, we were all in high school.

I was the first student in my school to start school, so I was very excited about going back to school.

But, we never really had the resources to get back to Mars.

We did some preliminary design work, and it turned out to be a pretty good way to get started.

We started in January 2019.

How much money did you have to raise?

It was around $250,000, but we were doing a little bit of design work and then we got funding from NASA.

We actually had $75,000 in the bank, and that’s when we actually started to think about funding it.

We had a pretty tight budget, so we decided to make it a three-month project.

The plan was to do about four months of research, design, testing, and development.

But we had so much to do, and we didn’t have any real time to do it, so the team was working overtime.

It’s a bit like a small movie, except there are so many actors, directors, and producers involved.

What are you going to do with this?

I’m not sure.

What if we don’t do anything?

I don’t know.

What’s the best way to do this?

The best way is to build a small, beautiful rover.

It could be pretty awesome.

It has to have a pretty big footprint, because it’s going to be coming to Earth, but it can’t be so big that it’s too heavy.

Is there a rover that’s really easy to build?

I haven’t seen one.

I think it would be easy to design, but I haven’s seen them all.

It would have to have some sort of propulsion system that would allow it to get around the moon.

If we built a giant, bulky rover that is basically going to take people out on a long mission, it would have trouble getting out of the way of a boulder or a hill or something.

Is that really the way to go?

Yes, it’s a really great idea, but the design is very complicated.

It involves a lot of modeling and planning and doing tests.

Is it going to cost more than a normal rover?

It’s not going to make any money.

The funding we got from NASA is going to last for four years, and then the design will be completed.

What is the timeline for the rover?

We are currently working on the Mars 2020 rover, which will be the first mission that will go out on Mars.

It will have a much larger footprint, and so it will have to do a lot more research.

It is going be a lot bigger than the first Mars rover.

What do you mean?

We have this big, bulky robot on Mars and then, in 2020, it goes to the surface and it can be built like this.

So, that’s going on a different timeline than the Mars rover that we’re building.

Can you give us a little more detail on what the plan is?

We have this long list of things we want to do.

One of the things that we want are these small, small modules, so that the rover can get into these small rocks and soil samples.

We want it to go through the Martian surface, and once it’s gone through that, we can actually go to Mars and return to Earth.

How are you planning on doing that?

We’re actually going to build this little rover on Mars for about four weeks, and when we’re done, we’re going to go back to the lab and put it on Earth.

Will you be able to put it in orbit around the Moon, and will it be able do all the science that you want to?


We’re planning to do some very interesting science on the surface of the Moon that will allow us to do experiments and things that are difficult on Earth, such as looking at the Martian ice sheets.

Can we get to Mars in 2018?

We’re definitely going to try to go in 2018, because we are already in planning mode.

What will you do with the Mars rovers that you already have?

We will be using the same rover as the one that went to Mars on Mars 2020

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