How to play Candy Land in Borderlands 2

It seems like Borderlands 2 is all about candy, but with some sweet easter eggs hidden in the world.

Here’s how to get the most out of the land grant in Borderlands:The first thing you’ll need to do is pick up the candy you find on the way to the Candy Land, then you can choose to open up a shop or buy a candy cane.

Once you have enough candy, go back to the shop and buy a bunch of new stuff.

Next, you’ll want to grab a few of the more common types of candy.

These include:Candy applesThe first type of candy found on the Borderlands.

They’re actually fairly common, with a maximum amount of 4,000, and they’re found all over the world, making them the most common type of Candy in the game.

You can get these for around 300,000 CandyCandy candyCandyberriesCandy bananasYou’ll need some time to collect all of the candy in your Candy Land before you can get any more.

You’ll also need to go to the town of Bigglew to grab the candy cane you need to open the shop.

Once there, you can either purchase a candy stick from the shop for 30,000 (for the full amount) or buy the candy from the vending machine for 30k.

Once you’ve purchased the candy, you’re ready to go.

The only downside to Candy Land is that it’s quite a bit harder to get it than regular candy.

Luckily, you have some help: there are two special vending machines that can be used to buy the candies from.

One of these can only be found in the Candy Lands, and the other can only only be purchased from the town.

There are two ways to get both: one is by walking around the town for a bit, and then picking up the vending machines and walking to the vending room.

The second way is to go into the Candy Gardens.

You’ll need a specific type of gun, and that will be the gun you need.

You can get a gun from the Candy Garden and a gun that can only come from the main story mission.

There are four types of guns in Borderlands, and four different guns will be available for purchase: a rocket launcher, a shotgun, a pistol and a machine gun.

The rocket launcher can only fire rockets, but the shotgun is good for taking down large enemies.

The pistol can be a weapon that can either be fired from the front, or fired from behind.

The machine gun can be equipped with two different abilities: a reloading ability that can take down multiple enemies at once, and a melee attack.

The best way to get a weapon of each type is by talking to the merchants, but if you’re a fan of collecting candy, there’s an option to buy them all on the shop’s vending machines.

There’s one important thing to note about the game: while there are only four types, there are eight unique weapons.

This means that you’ll only have access to a limited number of weapons throughout the game, even if you have a different type of weapon on your inventory.

So, what weapons can I get?

Candyland has a lot of different types of weapons, each with their own unique abilities.

Here are the weapons available:Rocket Launcher:A rocket launcher is a machinegun, which is basically a weapon with multiple bullets that fire one round per shot.

The first gun in Candy Land.

It can be bought for around 30,00 and has an overall damage of 4.5k.

Shotgun:A shotgun is a shotgun with a higher damage per shot, but slower rate of fire.

The shotgun is best for taking out large groups of enemies at a time.

Machine Gun:A machine gun is a gun with a lower damage per round, but a faster rate of spread.

It’s best for dealing with smaller groups of opponents at a distance.

Candy Land has eight different weapons that can all be found throughout the Candy Gates, and there are some very useful weapons that you can use to get some nice stats and ammo.

The guns in Candyland are not only available for the main game, but they’re also available for other game modes.

For example, there is a sniper rifle, which can be found on all the vending stations.

This is also the gun that you will need for the game’s story mission, and it can only spawn at the end of the story mission as a random spawn.

The only thing you need for Candy Land to be as fun as possible is a lot more than candy.

There’s a lot to do and explore in the Borderlands 2 Candy Land and you’ll find a lot going on.

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