New NFL stadium in Atlanta gets NFL team’s nickname

The Atlanta Falcons announced Friday that the stadium they’ll be playing in for the next three seasons will be named “The Home of the NFL.”

It’s the name of the new stadium they’re building to replace the old Georgia Dome, which is in disrepair and is not expected to open until 2023.

The Atlanta Braves’ logo is on the field at Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

More: Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank and the team have owned the team since 2005.

They announced the new name for the stadium in a statement Thursday.

“We’re thrilled to have the team name ‘The Home’ on the Atlanta Falcons home field,” said the statement from Blank, who also owns the New England Patriots.

“We look forward to being a part of this amazing and historic venue that will bring so much excitement and opportunity to our fans and local businesses.”

The team’s new name was announced on Friday.

The team will name the stadium the Falcons Stadium, which stands for “The Green” and is a nod to the green field they will play on.

The stadium is expected to be completed in 2018.

The Falcons have been known to change the team’s name.

In 2016, the team changed the name from the Atlanta Braves to the Atlanta United Football Club.

A new logo was also unveiled in January for the team, which will be the second franchise in the American Football League to be named after a team.

The Falcons are not yet officially part of the league.

In addition to the new team name, the Atlanta Hawks will also get a new name in 2018, and the Atlanta Panthers will get a brand new logo in 2019.

The Panthers, who were bought out by the Florida Panthers last year, will be renamed the Carolina Panthers, and they will be called the Atlanta Hurricanes.

There’s also talk of a name change for the Cleveland Browns, who have been using the team acronym for years.

The NFL announced the Cleveland Rams will get their new name, while the Buffalo Bills have been trying to get their name changed.

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