When will the ‘Facts’ about the Ebola virus be out?

The Ebola virus has made its way to Africa, and it’s taking hold in the Americas.

But in Europe, a little-noticed fact is becoming increasingly clear.

Here are three ways we know for sure, according to our experts: 1.

It’s not just Ebola that’s spreading through Europe.

The virus has spread in other countries, too.

And the virus that’s circulating in Europe is different than the virus from North America, which is spreading through Asia.

So we’ll see if that holds true in the next few months.

But for now, it’s a question of what we can learn about the virus here.


Europe has already experienced an epidemic.

We already know that Europe has had the worst Ebola outbreak in the world.

The disease has been ravaging the continent for almost three months now.

Since February, at least 5,600 people have died, with 2,000 more dying.

That’s about three times the number of deaths that occurred during the epidemic that started in late January.


The Ebola epidemic is spreading fast in Europe.

More than 3,000 people have been infected with the Ebola-1 strain of the virus in Europe so far.

Of those, 4,000 have died.

That number is expected to rise.

The European Commission has estimated that the Ebola outbreak will reach more than 10,000 deaths this year.

3) Europe’s healthcare systems have been unprepared for the virus.

Since the virus was first detected in the country of Guinea in October, there have been a number of failures in the European healthcare system, according the European Commission.

It is a system that is designed to be highly responsive to emergency situations, such as when people are diagnosed with the virus and sent home.

The situation is particularly bad in Europe because the EU has the biggest population in the industrialized world.

4) Europe has a different Ebola model than the United States.

The CDC has said that in the United State, there is an epidemic but no epidemic yet in Europe due to lack of surveillance and proper response.

In the European Union, however, there has been no outbreak.

Europe’s response to the Ebola crisis is being led by the United Kingdom, which has a much higher Ebola rate than the rest of Europe, according data from the CDC.

In February, the British government announced that it had taken measures to slow down the spread of the outbreak.

5) The European Union is more focused on the United Nations than Ebola.

The United Nations and the European Parliament have both called on the European Community to step up efforts to contain the spread and control the spread.

However, the EU is much more focused now on the fight against Ebola than the fight for human rights.

The EU has said it will invest in the fight to fight Ebola in the future, including an Ebola-specific fund that will be used to fight the virus, according a report by the European Institute for Democracy in Europe in Brussels.

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As we reported in February, Ebola has been spreading around the world, from the United Arab Emirates to India, as of early March.

At least 2,935 people have tested positive for the Ebola strain.

So far, the U.S. has reported 2,735 cases and 942 deaths.

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