How to land a perfect landing on the moon: Lando Calrissians ‘perfect landing’

Brian Lando, an Australian entrepreneur who has spent years working on a lunar lander, says his lander is a “perfect landing.”

Lando, 33, says he plans to land the unmanned lunar landers, the Phobos-Grunt, and Phobos and Deimos probes, on a surface somewhere between the moon and Earth.

“You get an incredible view of the whole world,” he said.

Lando is a member of the group of astronauts who is currently working on the Phoebus-Grint.

“The Phobos lander was designed to be a space lander and it’s a perfect lander.

You get a beautiful view of Earth and you get a chance to look down at the lunar surface,” he told ABC News.”

I think it’s probably the first time in history that you have a lander that can get into lunar orbit and not land on a crater or something like that.”

Landor’s landing attempt is the first of its kind and the first such mission in human history.

“This is really the first step to actually getting people to live on the Moon, where there’s a really cool habitat to be able to get out into space, which is a much more exciting and exciting goal,” he added.

“But that’s going to take us at least 15 years, but hopefully we can get there eventually.”

Lander is one of the largest and most powerful vehicles ever built.

It weighs around 50 tonnes and has a diameter of more than 10 kilometres (six miles).

It uses two rockets to propel the craft, which weighs about 200 tonnes and can reach speeds of around Mach 5 (3,000 kilometres per hour).

The moon is a small, barren world and has no gravity and no atmosphere.

Landing a lunar spacecraft requires an immense amount of energy and is far from a trivial task.

Landers will have to reach a maximum altitude of more then 20 kilometres (12 miles) above the moon to achieve the desired landing site.

But there are no guarantees.

If they miss their target, they are going to have to return to Earth.

Landor says the landing will take around two months to complete.

Lando has already achieved a success story.

He completed his mission in 2014 and made a successful landing on Earth.

But it was not until this year that he was able to reach an unmanned landing on Mars.

Lander landed on Mars in July 2018, and was followed by the Phos-Grudge in July 2019.

A successful landing would be a major milestone in the development of a robotic space vehicle.

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