‘Golf lands’ are the way to go for golfers looking to save for a house

Golf land is the cheapest place to buy a home, according to a report from the Canadian real estate firm Carls Golf Land.

The firm says the average house price for a three-bedroom house in Ontario is $5,500.

That’s well below the $7,000 average price for single-family homes.

The report comes on the heels of a survey released last month that found that most Canadians don’t realize they are saving for a home when they purchase a home.

In fact, many people aren’t even aware of the savings they can make with home equity lines of credit.

“I think Canadians really don’t understand that the cost of a home is more than the amount of money you earn,” says Carls president and CEO Chris Wood.

“A house can be the dream home of your dreams.

So people should be looking at the cost versus the price of a house.

I think it’s a very smart way to think about it.”

Wood said that the research firm’s research found that Canadians are saving a lot of money when it comes to home equity.

“If you’re thinking about your savings and you’re looking at what you can afford in terms of savings, a lot can be saved in terms the savings, the cost, the interest rates,” he said.

“You can save a lot in the first year if you go out and buy a house, which is not uncommon for many people.”

In the second year you’ll probably be able to buy more than what you paid for in the previous year.

That kind of helps offset a lot the mortgage.

“The study also found that only about 1 per cent of people said they didn’t know that they were saving for their home when deciding on a purchase.

Wood said the survey was a good indicator of how Canadians feel about home ownership.”

It shows that the average Canadian is very comfortable with their home, and they’re willing to spend money to maintain that,” he says.”

And we know that the value of a traditional home is increasing at an amazing rate, so that’s something that people are willing to look at.

“Wood is confident that Canadian homebuyers will be able see a return on their investment when they finally own their home.”

It’s going from being an investment that’s in the realm of a decade or two down to a long-term investment that they’re going to see more value in.”