How to play FIFA 18 with your friends in under two hours

With FIFA 18 now in its final stages of release, it is hard to find anyone who can claim to have played it.

I was able to do just that, as I went through the steps to get started with FIFA 18 on my PC. 

To get started, you will need the FIFA 18 Beta and Origin. 

In the main menu, you can either download the game, or download the pre-release version.

The beta is a huge game and takes anywhere from 10 to 20 hours to download, depending on your connection speed.

If you want to get your hands on the game early, you may want to consider purchasing it through Origin.

Origin has been offering the game for the last week and a half, and is the only place you can purchase pre-launch versions of FIFA 18. 

For those who have yet to pick up the game (or don’t want to wait that long), I have compiled a list of guides for those who are looking to get their hands on it. 

This article is a guide for anyone who wants to get the most out of FIFA 16.

If I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments below.1. 

Go to the FIFA 16 Steam page 2.

Select the FIFA 16 Beta  and go to the Options menu 3. 

Choose Uninstall this DLC.


Click on Yes.5. 

Now, you should see a notification about the uninstallation of the Cards and Gameplay Pack DLCs. 


Select Uncheck the box next to the Gameplay Pack  (or whatever name it may have).7. 

Continue to the download menu and click on the download button.8. 

Enter your Steam key.9. 

After downloading the game from Steam, you’ll have to install the game. 

You can either use Steam Cloud, or you can download the downloaded file directly. 

If you download directly, you need to click on ‘Start Downloading’ in the Steam interface.10. 

Once the download has finished, you’ll see a screen like this: Press OK to continue.11. 

Press Continue.12. 

It’s time to set up your FIFA 16 account. 


Go to the main FIFA 16 Steam page  2 (the top-right corner of the page)  3 (bottom-right) 4 Click Fifa 16 Beta and select Start Game. 

5 You’ll need to download the Steam Client (which will take a few minutes). 

6 Click ‘Uninstall from the list’. 

7 Click the ‘Uninstalled’ button. 

8 Go back to the list and click ‘Start Game’. 

9 Click in the top right corner and select ‘Download Beta’. 

10 Click to the right of the ‘Download’ button and select the Beta from the dropdown menu. 

11 Press ‘OK’.12.

Now, it’s time for the first of many steps. 

The Frozen Tides campaign has a very short tutorial and tutorial videos, which can be found here 13. 

There are also a couple of tutorials that will be useful if you haven’t played the game before. 

Here is the first one for those who haven’t done so yet: How to play with friends online in just under two hours Video tutorial: tutorial for those that have completed the first chapter: https://youtu:be/0w9-V9qXgf4 And here is a video for those looking to start off on the right foot. 


First of all, you are going to need to create a new game profile. 

Create a new Profile  on  1 Go into FUTuresense  or Steam  and Click Create Profile. 

2 Choose a region to begin in. 3 Choose an active online partner. 


Select a country to begin. 


Choose your timezone (GMT-7 or EDT-4). 

 6 – Select a continent. 

7 – Select your region. 

​8 Choose your country name. 

9 – Choose your continent name.10 Select your country’s logo. 

 11 – Choose a country image (for example, US or UK). 

12 – Choose whether you want the game to automatically connect you to friends and clan members. 

13 – Choose the game’s default game mode, Team or Co-op. 

14 – Choose if you want FIFA 18 to auto connect you and your friends. 

15 – Choose what you want as the default score and the default time in

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