Why are Uber, Lyft, and the others being treated so differently?

As the ride-sharing services start to get the kind of attention they deserve in the U.S., they’re facing a backlash from drivers and regulators alike.

The ride-hailing giants have been accused of having an unfair advantage in the market, and they’ve had to deal with drivers’ complaints that they’re being unfairly squeezed by a ride-share system that has been slow to get off the ground.

The company also faces scrutiny over its pricing model, which some drivers claim is based on “market power” rather than an ability to negotiate better wages or better working conditions.

Meanwhile, Uber drivers are getting a head start in getting a ride to and from work.

As we reported last week, Uber has been rolling out a pilot program in Pittsburgh and Chicago that allows people to use their own cars to get rides home.

And Lyft has also rolled out a similar program in San Francisco, allowing drivers to use Lyft cars to pick up passengers at nearby restaurants.

And it appears Uber will soon be rolling out its own ridesharing program in Los Angeles.

But what happens when drivers don’t have a car?

And what happens if Uber doesn’t allow the cars to be used?

The answer to all three questions is complicated.

Some of the biggest problems drivers have with Uber, like the fact that drivers can be fired or have their cars impounded, is likely the result of a lack of choice and the absence of any mechanism for drivers to get a deal on their fares.

Others are just issues of cost.

As NPR’s Michael Oreskes pointed out, some drivers have found that the companies offer discounted rates for their vehicles and are not as good as they could be.

In fact, in some cases Uber’s drivers have been charged a fee of up to $300 a ride.

In some cases, drivers have said they are losing thousands of dollars a month as a result of their inability to negotiate.

Uber and Lyft have also faced criticism from some in the ride sharing industry for their unwillingness to negotiate for better wages, conditions, and compensation.

These are issues that have been brought up at the city level, and some local governments are looking to the federal government to step in.

Uber has said that it will not settle for anything less than fair wages and a fair business model.

Lyft has been more flexible in the past.

In October, Lyft announced that it would not be able to offer drivers the ability to earn an annual base salary.

Instead, drivers will earn a base salary of $25,000, plus benefits and a one-time bonus.

Uber drivers, meanwhile, will receive $10,000 per year plus $10 in cash incentives for every ride.

And the companies have said that they plan to offer a bonus of up $1,000 if a driver is in the top five percent of Uber drivers and a bonus if a ride is less than 5,000 miles.

What this all means is that it’s going to be up to the ride hailing companies to decide how they want to treat drivers.

In the end, that decision will be made by the companies, but it’s likely that both will have the final say.

Uber said in a statement that it is “investing in our drivers and in ensuring the quality of service they provide to riders and drivers alike.”

Lyft said that its drivers would be paid based on their “qualifications and experience.”

In a statement to NPR, Uber said, “We look forward to working with the City of Chicago, which has made it clear that they want ridesharers in their communities to be able work for the companies without fear of being treated unfairly.”

Lyft also said that the company “will work with the Chicago City Council to make sure rideshare drivers are compensated appropriately.”

What the ridesharer companies have to consider is that their drivers are people.

If drivers want to earn more money, it could lead to a higher salary, but they might also lose their jobs if they aren’t able to negotiate a good deal.

And if drivers don, in fact, have an unfair business model, they might not be willing to work for another company if they feel they are being treated differently.

So if you’re an Uber driver and you don’t want to be treated differently from other drivers, you should talk to your driver about how you want to handle your situation.

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