Australia to introduce ‘promised lands’ in zoo

Australia is set to introduce a new ‘promise land’ zoo in Sydney’s CBD, following a successful pilot.

The Government will begin the project in 2018 and will allow the public to bring their pets for a few hours to the facility.

The project is part of the Government’s drive to revitalise the city’s tourist economy.

The facility will have six exhibits, including a pet park and a pet zoo, and is expected to generate at least $2 million in revenue for the city.

The $2.4 million project is the second phase of a $2 billion investment package announced by the Government in January.

The zoo will be operated by the NSW Government’s new ‘Promise Land’ programme, which aims to attract more tourists to the city and create jobs.

Tourism Industry Australia (TIA) CEO Richard Hoggard said the zoo would be a good way to promote the city as a place to visit, and attract visitors from around the world.

“We’re delighted that the Government is moving forward with this initiative and are very proud of the partnership with the City of Sydney and TIA,” Mr Hoggards said.

The plan to create the zoo in the CBD is part, the $2bn “promise lands” plan.

The ‘promises land’ plan involves a large-scale expansion of the existing zoo and a new animal-centric exhibit.TIA will oversee the project, and Mr Haggards said the plan was a great example of how the Government would support local businesses and provide funding for the project.

“The zoo is the first of many animal-oriented entertainment venues that will be built across the city,” he said.

“With the promise land, the Government has already delivered a $3 billion investment in the city.”TIA CEO Richard Littler said the Government was making a big commitment to revitalising the CBD and attracting visitors from overseas.

“These investments will boost the city, attract jobs, and drive more tourism to the area,” Mr Littlers said.


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