How to tell if a friend is a conspiracy theorist

FOX NEWS — The conspiracies and the conspiracies alone aren’t enough to get you fired up for your next talk show.

But if you’ve got a good sense of who’s behind the conspiracy theories, you can probably get your show on the air.

Here are seven key tips to help you know if someone is a fan of the theories.


If you can’t get the guy to talk, you’re not really talking to him.

There are plenty of ways to tell the difference between someone who’s just being a jerk and someone who genuinely wants to talk.

You can see if he’s in on the joke by asking him a question and then playing back the question, then repeating it, and so on.

If he’s a regular, you may have an easier time finding the source.


Be patient.

This isn’t always a matter of being able to get a laugh.

A lot of the time, if you have a good understanding of what’s going on, you’ll be able to find a way to get the conversation going.


Don’t give away the plot.

This might sound a little counterintuitive, but a lot of people are going to tell you the plot of the story they’re trying to sell.

They’ll tell you it’s a “fantastic book” and that it’s about a bunch of people who are “doing something awesome.”

That’s fine, but it’s telling you that they don’t have any proof that it exists.

They’re just telling you.

And if they’re really convinced they have it, they’ll tell a story about it, but they won’t give it away.

If they do, you know they’re not a conspiracy thinker.


Don´t assume you know the truth.

It’s easy to think you know what is true because you’ve read the books or heard the movies, but you’re likely to be wrong.

And it can be hard to tell when you’ve been told a story that isn’t true.

If a conspiracy theory is just making a bunch on the internet, it might be tempting to believe it, because it seems plausible to you.

But when you’re looking at the facts and the evidence, you should be careful.


You shouldn’t assume you’re smarter than the person you’re talking to.

The internet is a big place to go to find the latest conspiracy theory.

Sometimes, people will claim that they know more than you do about something, and it’s because they’ve heard something you said.

But it’s just as easy to just assume that someone you don’t know is smarter than you are.

It might be better to trust the person than to think the person is smarter.


If someone is just joking, it’s fine to get on with the conversation.

But don’t assume they’re actually serious.

If it’s an easygoing, casual conversation, the person who’s making the joke is probably joking because they’re tired of hearing about it.

If the person isn’t making fun of you, you probably shouldn’t get on too strongly with them.


Don`t be a dick.

It doesn’t have to be someone who is making fun or mocking you.

Just make sure you understand that the person behind the joke has a point.

If your question sounds suspicious, or if the guy seems to be saying something really off-the-cuff, just ask them about it more.

You might find they’ll back off and admit that he’s just playing the game.

And sometimes, they might change their mind and say that they didn’t mean to say anything rude or offensive.

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