Hartsfield Landing rover models in a post-apocalyptic world

Hartsfields Landing rover, a small, earth-observing lander designed to study Mars in the wake of the Apollo 11 landing, has landed on Mars in a stunning video by researchers at NASA and The Planetary Society.

The rover has spent weeks in orbit at the Martian equator, studying how the planet’s surface and atmosphere change under the influence of solar wind and Martian atmospheric pressures.

The spacecraft has also been collecting samples, including Martian soil samples, to understand how it would have developed on the planet.

Hartsfield landed in early November, making it the third rover mission to reach Mars.

The first was Opportunity in 2012.NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology, designed and built the lander to study Martian atmospheric processes in the absence of any natural or human intervention.

The rover was originally named MRO, for the acronym for the Mars Orbiter Project, which was established in 1976 by the United States to study the Red Planet.

The acronym has since been changed to Hartsfeld, in honor of the Hartsford, Connecticut, area.

In the video, the rover’s three-man crew, scientists at JPL, manages engineer and project manager Paul Feser, project manager John Lasseter, and mission operations engineer Tom Goss.

Hartsworth landed on the Red Sea near the coast of Israel on November 6.

The mission is managed by JPL’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

The team has used the rover to collect soil samples for its first two studies of Martian soils.

On November 7, they collected samples from a clay-rich area near the base of a steep mountain.

They plan to continue their studies of soil conditions for the next several weeks.

The Mars rover team is currently gathering soil samples in an area near its landing site, a site called the “Sierra Point” (pronounced SPAH-pow) site.

It’s near a steep cliff and a deep basin called a “wet pit.”

The team has also planned to drill into a clay basin near the site.

They will use the clay to create clay minerals and conduct experiments.

The lander will also be studying the impact conditions on Mars as the planet heats up and expands.

The team is planning to conduct a series of science measurements and to analyze the impact of a large impact event.

The scientists have made a number of observations that are expected to be of interest to future missions to Mars.

The science team plans to conduct further study of the impact area in the dry season, and to conduct future studies to investigate the impact environment, such as the formation of Martian rocks, water, and the presence of minerals.

They hope to make a discovery that will help determine the extent to which the planet was hospitable to life in the past, and what the planet will be like in the future.

The Hartsfords landed on November 8, and will continue on to Mars and back.

Hartsfields landing rover was designed and manufactured by Jpl and the Planetary Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to exploring the solar system and exploring life beyond Earth.

The Hartsfall landing rover will be the second lander launched by Jspc in 2016.JPL manages JSpc’s Marshall space flight center for NASA.

The Jet Propulsing Laboratory is a division for the California Department of Science, Technology and the Arts.

For more information about the landing, visit:https://www.nasa.gov/landing

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