What is Land Bank?

The land bank is a trust that was created by the City of Detroit in the late 1990s to finance the construction of land and infrastructure.

It is the first time in Detroit history that a trust has been established to oversee the development of the land.

The landbank is the primary source of revenue for the city and it is expected to help address some of the long-standing issues that have plagued the city, including blight, crime, homelessness, and environmental degradation.

While land banks are a common practice in other large cities, Detroit has had a long history of not being able to raise sufficient funds to fund major infrastructure projects.

This has made it difficult for the government to spend money on major infrastructure, especially roads and other public works projects.

Land banks are different from other trusts in that they can’t create new revenue.

Instead, the trust funds money directly into the pockets of existing residents and businesses.

The trust funds the land of the property owner, and can also create a new revenue stream through the sale of real estate.

There are currently a total of three land banks, with two in the city of Detroit, and one in the county of Wayne.

One of those land banks is located in Kalamazoo.

The other is located outside of Detroit.

Land Bank Land Bank lands the parcels in Detroit, Kalamazau, and the county counties of Wayne, St. Clair, and Wayne.

The Land Bank’s purpose is to help fund the creation of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, schools, and other infrastructure that will benefit residents and small businesses.

As part of the trust, the land bank also oversees the development and maintenance of the City’s sewer system, water system, and wastewater treatment plants.

The City of Kalamazuoo owns the landbank land.

Its goal is to fund the construction and maintenance, maintenance and improvement of all public utility and infrastructure, and to support the growth of local businesses.

Its main revenue source is land sales and the purchase of real property.

The city has made a number of public announcements and initiatives to address many of these issues, including its first water and sewer system expansion project in 2017.

The goal of the water and sewage system expansion was to expand the capacity of the system to accommodate the increasing demand for water, sewage, and storm water treatment.

The project included a new main pipe and an additional sewer line that connects the two main lines to a second main pipe that runs to the city’s sewerage system.

The water and wastewater system expansion is expected, with construction beginning in 2019 and completion in 2021.

The sewer system project has also received funding from the city.

The Kalamazian Water and Sewer Authority (KAWSA) is a government-owned and operated sewer system that serves the city as well as neighboring towns.

KAWSA has also been in the process of improving its sewer system.

It purchased a former Detroit Water and Power system in 2015 that was undergoing extensive repair work.

The upgrades included a system that would include a new water line, two new main pipes, and a new storm water pipe that would carry wastewater to the Kalamazo and Wayne City Wastewater Treatment Plants.

The new sewer line is currently in the works, and is expected by the end of 2020.

The remaining work on the existing water system includes repairing and replacing the existing pipe that connects to the water system.

This work is expected for completion by the beginning of 2021.

Wayne County is the largest city in Michigan, and its largest land bank trust is located on the Detroit River.

The Wayne County Land Bank is one of the oldest land banks in the United States, and it has been a key source of funds for the development, maintenance, and improvement that is the heart of the Wayne County Metropolitan Sewer District.

Land Banks The land banks that are set up to manage and manage the land in Detroit and Kalamazoomas communities.

The first land bank was created in 1798 when Detroit was incorporated into the United State.

Since then, the city has grown to become the largest municipality in the country.

Land bank land has been developed to help finance the creation and maintenance and expansion of public utilities and infrastructure across the city area.

The purpose of a land bank in Detroit is to ensure that residents and the community can have access to their own land and that the money raised from the sale and transfer of real-estate rights can be used to fund important community and public projects.

In addition, land banks also serve as an additional source of funding for community-based organizations.

The most recent land bank for the Detroit area was created on June 2, 2029.

This land bank will house the city land bank.

The lands in the land-bank are used to build roads, schools and other amenities for the public, and for other purposes.

This will help create jobs, expand the economy, and increase property values.

Landbank lands can be either in the Detroit and the Kalamas counties, or in the Wayne and the

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