How to get a selfie in India? Here’s how to do it with Google search

An Indian smartphone app that lets users take photos with their smartphones has been made available in the country.

The app, called Google Maps, lets users enter a city and search for places with the right app.

The user then taps the Google map and it takes them to that place.

Google Maps allows users to take photos in their own homes or offices.

The new app, which was launched by the Google India Pvt Ltd (GILD), has been designed by Kunal Shah, who has been working on the project since December.

The app, based on Google Maps from Android, has been downloaded over 500,000 times.

“The purpose of this project was to bring the Indian smartphone user experience to the global stage.

We have developed a software to create a personalized experience for the Indian users,” Shah told NDTV.

“Our aim is to have a user-friendly experience that will give our users an edge in their quest to travel abroad.

This experience will be available to all Android users,” he added.

The user interface has been modified for Google Maps and the app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android users.

It is also available for iPhones and iPads.

Users can enter a place with the Google Maps app and it will show the nearest street, street name, and address.

The address will also be available on the map, Shah said.

“We have tried to be very responsive with the user experience.

If we make a mistake, we have a screenshot of the error and a short explanation of the issue,” he said.

A photo of Google Maps being used in an advertisement.

The Google Maps icon is visible above the camera icon.

The company said that the app was not intended for the general public.

The Google Maps is being used for both travel and business.

Users can also use it for travel to foreign destinations, but it will only allow them to view images in a certain area of a city.

The feature was first shown in India in March.

The company has already received support from the Indian government for the app.

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